January 22, 2020

Welcome to the changelog! Version 1.0 of the site launches today, and I'm so excited.

Though the site is a bit barebones for launch, I'm so excited to finally launch the new version of the site. There are a few things of note in this initial release:

  • This changelog you're reading now will act as a historical reference of changes made to the site each time I tweak the design
  • The Library, will be the canonical view of all the media that I consume from now on. I did build the backend database for it back in 2018, so it looks odd that there's such a gap between entries, but that's why. I have ideas for more advanced features to add in the future but for now this fine for launch. Perhaps I can add more filtering and view optinos in the future.
  • A simple and no fluff design. I wanted the design to just be simple, memorable, and insanely easy to understand. There's no hamburger button in the nav so you can see exactly what pages exist on the site. I wanted everything is extremely high contrast, legible, and straight forward.
  • The Newsletter and Blog buttons in the nav currently link out to separate services I use for those things. Substack handles my Newsletter, and my blog is running on Svbtle. I prefer both of these service's writing experience over Webflow's, but perhaps in the future there could be value in bringing the blog over to this site, as it would get more people onto the site itself when linking to blog posts from Twitter.

That's about it for version 1.0. Like I said, there's not much to talk about. But that's ok. because we launched. If you're reading this, thank you!