May 23, 2020

Pretty big design update today with lots of small changes that add up to something much more refined than previous versions. I switched my fonts up as well! Before, I was using Archivo as the display font and Poppins as the body font. Today I switched the body font to IBM's Plex font family. So now, I'm using Plex Sans as body, Plex Mono for buttons and forms, and Plex Serif for article subtitles. I love how this font looks. Then for the title I chose Marmelad.

I also added white to the buttons, and gave them a far livelier hover state by making the background turn blue. Added pressdown states to all the buttons and links as well. Changed the styling of the logo in the header by making the .net render in a lighter weight version of its font. I also added an email signup form to the newsletter section of the homepage and embedded some links to recent articles I've written on my Substack account.