Elektro Labs

QSTOM came to me looking for an immersive brand and website to express his vision for the new NFT art collective Elektro Labs.

This case study explores how the project progressed from inspo to final launch.


I knew the project should be colourful and "digital" feeling. So my first step was to do some browsing and gather some inspiration screenshots so that the stakeholder and myself could be on the same page aesthetic-wise.


Next comes low-fidelity wireframe sketching to figure out how the website should flow.

Basic layout

This sketch's purpose was to decide on the order of different sections so that the homepage tells the right story.


Next I started playing with a bit more design elements. During this sketch is when I came up with the idea to make the website have this kind of "floating" design that hovers atop a background.


After sketches have been completed, I took to Figma to start laying out what the website should actually look like.

Designing in Figma has become absolutely key to my process because I love how I'm able to iterate on the design, while stakeholders are able to be involved as well.

The website features a colorful and illustrative, techy feeling design with minimal yet opinionated typography.

Each project is laid out linearly with links out to them on Foundation or View Gallery buttons.

The nav logo and footer are part of the website's bbackground, so they are revealed underneath the main content when you reach the bottom of the page.

Final site

I built the website using Webflow.

The final site has a really cool feeling to expolore because of how the background is static, while all the content is on this card which floats above.

I encourage you to explore the website yourself at the link below!

View the live site