This Week in Bitcoin

Recently I've become interested in consuming content from creators in the bitcoin space. Bitcoin content isn't just about money, it's about humans, time, power, history, and even philosophy.

I wanted a way to share the best links I come across each week, so I came up with the idea to create Each Friday I post my favourite 5 bitcoin links I've found throughout the week.


The brand language I designed features Supply Sans from Pangram. I love this font because it feels really industrial and utilitarian, which aligns with the project's simple concept. 5 links: posted every Friday.

The color palette features an uber-bright shade of bitcoin's iconic orange.

The website's design puts what matters front and center: the content.


I wanted the website to be so simple and to the point that people would be refreshed by its simplicity.

Every website in the bitcoin space is either spammy feeling with popups, bad typography, and dark patterns galore. I wanted Twib to instantly feel trustworthy and put the user first.

So all it is is five links. Updated every Friday.

If users want to see previous week's links, they can visit the archive page, which lays them out in reverse-chronological order.